Wednesday 25th January was the first day of our Art & Craft sessions at Creative Beings, Awliscombe. The sessions are paid for by the Co-op Community Fund. We did Silk Printing/Marbling with Alex, a very talented and approachable tutor. The results were fabulous, it was extremely therapeutic and all absorbing to do. We all loved it. Some carers drew free style others traced a chosen picture on to the silk, we then applied a “sealing” liquid on the lines, before painting our picture in whatever colours we chose.

Alex is guiding “how to do”
Half way there surround still to be completed

Today Wednesday 22nd February was our 2nd Art & Craft session at Creative Beings. We had great fun doing Gelli Printing with Lisa Parker it was very messy indeed but what brilliant results.

Lisa Lloyds, wonderful pictures

Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Fabulous session doing cardboard constructions with James Lake. We made flowers, butterflies, bees and birds and ended with themes incredible communal garden.

James Lake’s son

Wednesday 26th April 2023

Another fabulous session today doing something completely new to us all. We made Marionette Puppets with Hazel Austin. Hazel had prepared the basics for the puppets, she told me it had taken her the best part of 2 weeks to prepare for today. We put them together with the help of. Hazel and then decorated them. Lots of gluing with a gun (very messy) and then sticking on the clothes hair and make up, making it as much fun as possible. Here are a couple of the results. Great fun was definitely had by all.

Wednesday 24th May 2023

We enjoyed the most beautiful Sunny day, had our lunch in the garden and felt super relaxed and tuned in for a session of Collage. Our task today was to draw a live still of a floral arrangement in a jug. Once sketched we commenced to do the background on our picture then followed on with the the actual picture we wanted to make using our sketch as a guide but changing it many times!! Lots of cutting, sticking, arranging and re- arranging, changing colours here and there, even sticking another bit on top to change colour again. Colours are everything and what incredible results we had. Such a talented group. Fabulous session with Booth Hackman and her faithful assistant Martin Staniforth from Creative Beings.

Wednesday 28th June 2023

We had the same theme in both the Pottering with Plants and the Art & Craft session today

The theme was Culinary Herb & Spices

Our tutors were Katie Green from Sidmouth and Sue Holland creator of Creative Beings. Kate started off talking about the most popular herbs most people know and use for both cooking and medicinal purposes. She had lots of different plants and different species of each herb, like Mint and Sage. We got to feel, touch and smell and to decide which ones we liked the most.

Sue taught us to make herbal Balm and gave us a small pot each to take home. Having dried a lot of herbs & spices in advance we were invited to blend our own herbal tea mix. We all loved that and tried it straight away to make sure it was what we would enjoy at home.

Katie talked us through various oils and taught us how to use them in a diffuser, for the bath and for massages blended with a carrier oil so as not to burn the skin. We finished off with massaging each others hands or our own depending on our individual preference. Lovely interesting session with a lot of interaction and fun.

We are now half way through the year and enjoying every session tremendously

Left hand photo, Pat Dunlop, Stella Ford, Katrina Davis and Kay Lawrence blended their own teas

Right hand photo, tutor Katie Green demonstrating a hand massage on tutor Sue Holland

Wednesday 26th July 2023

Karen from Honiton Pottery was our tutor for today’s session making Dry Clay Pinch Pots supposedly for seedlings however, we also had a chance to make something of our own choice afterwards, which was great fun. Karen showed us step by step how to work with the clay and offered immense patience and understanding when some of us did not get it right first time!! We ended up with some fabulous results though much to everyones delight. Our carers really are naturals where Art & Craft is concerned, they can turn their hands to just about everything. Lovely session as always much enjoyed by everyone.

Wednesday 23rd August 2023

We had a brilliantly sunny day for our Origami session at Creative Beings today. Val Davies our tutor first showed us how to make a basic box, then a more elaborate box and finally a Crane. Origami is actually quite challenging much to our surprise but we thoroughly enjoyed learning this lovely art. Val showed us samples of hundreds of coloured miniature cranes she had strung together as well as a tree where she had hung slightly larger ones as decoration. Really wonderful. Lots of laughter as we folded and re-folded but all got there in the end.

There is no session next month as our host is on holiday, instead we are having a visit to Rosemoor Gardens which we are all looking very much forward to.

Wreath making Wednesday 6th December

Today saw the very last craft session at CreativeBeings at Awliscombe. We have had a fabulous year which has included trying out 11 different crafts all very much enjoyed by us all. We are so sorry to leave our hosts & tutors Sue Holland and Martin Staniforth and their team, however they are all ready for a break and we must move on. Today was a lovely small group, sadly due to much illness. It gave us some time to chill together as well as making some beautiful seasonal wreaths and also to enjoy some seasonal spiced Apple and a few warm mince Pies. Next year’s Art & Craft sessions will be held at the Methodist Church in Honiton on the usual day & time.