Wednesday 14th February 2024

Great workshop with Dave Lacey today covering “Assertive Communications” arranged and funded by Devon Carers.

Assertiveness is the ability to express your wishes, questions and needs in a clear and direct way so that other people like your health care team, are able to understand what it is you want and need. Being assertive will help improve the quality of the care you receive. Sometimes we need to reinforce the fact that we are the carer for the person being treated or discussed.

Interesting how we see ourselves and how others’ impression of us differ at times. Today was part 1 with part 2 taking place at Honiton Methodist Church on 10th April from 2.00 – 4.00pm.

Wednesday 10th April 2024

Today was part 2 of Dave Lacey’s “Assertive Communication” workshop, which was certainly enjoyed as much as part one. We did a quick recap and then discussed the various reasons we feel inferior to some people and in particular people in authority like the health professionals, barristers, solicitors and many more. The younger generation probably find it easier as they have grown up much more self confident and learnt to sell themselves from school and to feel equal to everyone else. Not so easy for the older generation who were taught not to be heard and to show respect for their older and wiser elders.

We learned how to say “No” and not to feel obliged to give any reason nor excuse. We learned how to leave a pause after ‘No” to give both parties time to think of the next step. All very interesting and at times easier said than done.

Again a very interactive workshop with plenty of good discussions and much enjoyed by all.

We finished off with some lovely refreshments as usual and the compulsive well stocked raffle.