Honiton Carers are booked for a Food Hygiene Level 1 course on Wednesday 8th February and Wednesday 8th March at Honiton Methodist Church from 2.00 – 4.00 pm.

Kerry from Coldwell Training will run the course curtesy of Devon Carers. We are extremely grateful for this very beneficial training awarded to us all.


The qualification covers the following topics:-

Introduction to Food Safety

Personal Hygiene



This qualification has been developed to raise awareness of key food safety issues and to provide volunteers with an induction to food hygiene, prior to undertaking the Level 2 Award in Food Safety.

Level 1 Food Safety provides an ideal solution to volunteer induction training including:-

New volunteers with minimal or no prior food safety knowledgeVolunteers handling low-risk or wrapped foods (category A)

Front of house volunteers, such as waiting on tables

Kitchen Volunteers involved with low risk situations involving occasional food handling.

Course duration 2 x 2hours.

Part 1 of the Food Hygiene Level 1 course took place on Wednesday 8th February and was much enjoyed by everyone. We split in to 5 groups with the head of each group collating all the discussion notes for feedback and further discussions.

The Discussion Points today were:-

Why is food Handling important

Getting Food Safety wrong

Benefits of knowing how to handle food

Getting food Safety right

Different types of Hazards

Hazard spotting (exercise)

Food poisoning (common sources and symptoms)

There was a lively discussion on each table and lots of interactions during the whole sessions.

We finished off with a hand washing exercise and had our hands scanned to determine if we had washed our hands thoroughly.

Part 2 will now take place on Wednesday 10th May 2023

Wednesday 10th May 2023

This afternoon we completed session 2 of the level 1 Food Handling Course, which was sadly postponed from March. due to the snow. Kerry Coldwell delivered another brilliant session, which this time covered:

The 14 Major Food Allergens

Safe and Unsafe Food Temperatures

Cross Contamination

Food Storage


Pest Control

Protective Clothing

Safe Food Management

We ended the session with a quiz to test our knowledge and a test paper on Food Temperatures. I am quite sure everyone learnt a lot today and will hopefully remember most of it for future use.