Honiton Carers enjoyed their first “Pottering with Plants” session at Creative Beings on Wednesday 25th January. This is an evolving monthly course and we are all very much looking forward to learning best practice when working with scrubs, trees & plants. An invigorating walk was included to the Eco-Forest and Poly tunnel, which despite the freezing weather was much enjoyed by all. The home-made mushroom soup and cheese rolls were extremely welcoming at the end of the walk.

The end of the first session all invigorated and eagerly awaiting our lunch

Wednesday 22nd February was our 2nd session of Pottering with Plants. It was a chilli day but dry most of the time. We started off with our usual catch up whilst enjoying a cuppa and a few biscuits!!

Walked around the gardens to see what had happened since last month, unbelievable changes already, a lot of the spring flowers are now peeping through, with snowdrops and crocuses well up. We carried on walking up to the Eco-forest to complete the mornings exercise, then came inside and planted loads of different seedlings like Tomatoes, Sweet Peas and Basil, finished off with a wonderful poem about Spring and new beginnings being read to us with plenty of time for reflection and relaxation. Perfect morning which finished off with a lovely home-made Tomato Soup and Cheese Roll.

Fiona is discussing the scrubs with Carole Ballm, Jilly Burston and Kay Lawrence
Sue & Martin our hosts are serving Pam Staunton her lunch

Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Lovely sunny morning enjoying the walk around the garden and up to the Eco-forest. It is amazing how much has changed in just one month. Making seed balls so hopefully the birds will not get to the seeds and comparing growth of our seedlings planted last month.

Wednesday 26th April 2023

We enjoyed a further session of Pottering with Plants today. Walking up to the Eco Forest to see the massive growth in just 4 weeks. We also measured up “our garden” and planned what and how we are going to develop it in time for the “Open Gardens” event in June.

Wednesday 24th May 2023

What a beautiful sunny day we had for our May “Pottering with Plants”. We could not believe the growth, we thought last month had done well but this is something different. It looks fabulous in the Eco Forest and Poly Tunnel, you can barely walk inside now. Vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and grapes crawling everywhere. It is truly wonderful. We started to clear our “own” plot and are hoping to get it ready and planted up for Creative Beings open days on 10th and 11th June. We are now 5 months in to this wonderful project and just loving it.

Sunday 11th June 2023

We spent Sunday afternoon at Creative Beings as The Hollands had opened their lovely garden for the weekend in aid of Hospiscare. We had a lovely walk around the gardens, the Agro Forrest and the Poly Tunnel, before enjoying a cuppa or two and some delicious home made cake. We did lots of chatting, telling the community about Pottering with Plants whilst enjoying some fabulous music played on the flute and clarinets by 3 lovely young ladies. Just a perfect Sunday afternoon, much enjoyed by us all.

Wednesday 28th June 2023

Yet another wonderful session at Creative being Pottering with Plants.

Today was working with Herbs and Spices. Fiona our tutor split us in to pairs where one was blindfolded to raise her senses and she had to feel, smell and even scrunch the various herbs & spices handed to her. She then had to say what she thought the herb was, what it smelled like and what it reminded her of. There were a dozen or more herbs and spices and we took it in turn between the two us to be blindfolded. Great experience. The outcome was quite similar between all of us apart from the memories the experience had stirred in us. Lovely morning much enjoyed by everyone.

Wednesday 26th July 2023

Today was sadly wet so we only managed a short walk to the Poly Tunnel but enjoyed seeing the wonderful Vine with so many clusters of grapes it was unbelievable. We took some cuttings of it and came back to the main garden where we took some further cuttings of various plants and shrubs. We decided to retreat indoors to do the potting. We enjoyed our usual catch up about the progression of our gardens during the last month and Fiona our tutor as usual easily managed to solve any issues.

The incredible Vine

Wednesday 23rd August 2023

Another lovely Pottering with Plants session today, which went so very quickly. It was a glorious sunny day and by the time we had our usual monthly catch up about our own gardens, walked to the Poly tunnel and Agro Forest, come back to do a bit of typing up outside, it was time for lunch. The Poly tunnel has changed a lot, it is now full of tomatoes and grapes and the Agro Forest is just full of everything having grown out of all proportion in just one month.

There is no session inn September as our host is on holiday, instead we are having a visit to Rosemoor Gardens, which we are all looking very much forward to.

Wednesday 27th September 2023


As we were unable to visit Creative Beings this month due to their holiday, we decided to “Potter with Plants” on a larger scale and went to Rosemoor Gardens for a treat and indeed it was.

We had a fabulous day and despite the dreadful weather forecast enjoyed a warm and pleasant day with some sunshine and just a little rain just before we left for home. The gardens were wonderful although not at their very best due to to the time of year, but we thoroughly enjoyed what we saw and the wonderful walk around the various themed gardens, the lake and open woods. Seating available everywhere so you could sit when you needed to and just enjoy the fabulous views. Lots of inspiration for our own gardens and we can’t wait to setback to Creative Beings in October to tell them all about our lovely day.

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Today saw the last session of our Pottering with Plants at Creative Beings. We missed last month, so had a good catch up about our gardens and about life in general before we walked up to the Eco Forest to see what it looks like late November. It was sad looking and ready to do what gardens do in the autumn/winter season, closing down and hibernating before it starts a new next year. We came back indoors having enjoyed the brisk walk back and planted some Tulips in some very pretty pots our tutor Fiona Harker had purchased for us. We each chose a colour, chose our tulips and planted them up to enable us to take one home each. We now have something to look forward to in the spring which will remind us of the wonderful session we have enjoyed during 2023 at Creative Beings. A huge thank you must go to Fiona for making our time there so very enjoyable, peaceful and calming with the most fabulous surroundings you could possibly wish for.